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Training courses by experienced instructors
Whatever your level, our experienced instructors will accompany your progress. Do not hesitate to book in advance the training course you need. Our instructors will train you either to obtain your CMAS or PADI diplomas (theoretical and practical courses) or to conclude a formation with the divings at sea.
We are at your disposal to schedule a session according to the dates of your stay.

Initiation and discovery

Any level 1 training session begins with a first dive. This first immersion with a tank allows you to realize what diving is. For the courses, a medical certificate allowing diving is required as well as 2 identity photographs . A parental certificate authorizing the diving formation is required for the minors. At the end of these formations, a CMAS diploma or a temporary PADI certification is delivered as well a booklet in which your divings and exercises are recorded. You receive your official certification later.

Initiation discovery

Initiation Discovery
Theory + 2 first dives + 1 dive 15m depht


CMAS Training


Cours CMAS  (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques)

 Niveau Description
 Diver 1* This certificate includes theoritical course and diving at sea and allows to dive 20m depht with other level 1 divers and one instructor. This level is composed of about 6 divings in 3 to 6 days and consists of courses and explorations. 
 Diver 2*

Accompanied by an instructor, you can dive to a depht of maximum 40 meters. 
Independently , you will be allowed to dive with 2 others level 2 divers to a depht of 20 meters through under the responsability of an instructor. This level needs  preliminary lessons to enhance your knowledge of the decompression procedure, prevention of the risks, assistance to other divers, behaviour in autonomous group, orientation, etc.

 Diver 3* You can dive autonomously to a maximum depht of 60 meters with 1 or 2 divers of same level . You will expand your knowledge of the second level and practise training exercises up to 40 m depht.

PADI Training


Cours PADI  (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

Open Water DiverThis certificate allows you to dive at a maximum of 18 m depht with other divers of the same level.
Adventure in DivingYou will improve your level and discover new experiences like night diving , diving on wrecks and depht diving...
Advanced Open Water diverAllow you to dive up to 30 m depht and how to find your bearings and to develop 3 other specialities like  wreck, drift, night diving ...
 Rescue Diver You will learn how to solve emmergency situations  that may occur during your dives and learn how to react efficiently.  A first-aid certificate is required in order to begin this course.
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