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Our diving sites on a volcanic sea bed with wrecks and caves

zodiac 12 places
Our experienced instructors will ship you on about thirty extremely varied sites. This sites are adapted to different levels. With our powerfull zodiac, we are able to ship groups of a dozen divers on sites located in the blue zone of the map.


70 % of the sites are reachable in less than 10 minutes.
The farthest site is less than 20 minutes away from the harbour.

Accès aux sites :







We selected some pictures of 16 best spots that you can discover.

Hereafter the spots and their depth are listed.

Fan of macrophotograpy, look at the site of one of our customers of the group of photographers Los Roncadores,  Hugo Masaryk   Image

Las Rayas

Depth  : 20 meters
Distinctive features: Wrecks and rays

Diving on a wreck (REGASY III) which lies on the sand near a field of garden eels . A lot of fish species are found there: different rays like stingrays, large black rays, eagle rays, butterfly rays, a turtle, sea breams, parrot fish, damsel fish, trumpet fish... Black or brown morays eels hide in the wreck . A little further, the wreck of a sailing ship rests near rocks where a school of bastard fish dwells.

Site de las RAYAS réputé pour la présence de nombreuses espèces marines qui viennent au contact des plongeurs
Champs d'anguilles jardinières
Épave d'un voilier


Las Rosas

Depth : 7 to 20 meters
Distinctive features: First dive site and various fauna

Descent on a rocky plateau 7m depth, very accessible and ideal spot for a first dive because of the fauna. This plateau is in fact forms of  basaltic columns that are better seen at 20m depht. Then you can explore the rocks and a pretty tunnel to discover a splendid school of bastard grunts, anemones, morays, octopuses, parrot fish, trumpet fish and some barracudas.

El Condesito

Depth : 14-20 meters
Distinctive features : Wreck, grey triggerfish, angel sharck

The very damaged wreck lies poop on the sand, proo on the rocks close to the coast. Cliffs encircle the wreck and the area is very interesting to explore. Indeed many fish live there: grey triggerfish, trumpet fish, parrot fish, damselfish, etc.... and sometimes an angel sharks hides in the sand.

Los Arcos

Depth:  20 m
Distinctive features: arches

Pretty arches followed by a rocky plateau where we find glasseyes, morays, blue-fin damselfish, blacktail combers ... and sometimes a turtle comes to welcome the explorers.

El Palmar

Depth :  20 m.
Distinctive features : bastard grunts

Nice exploration with some rocks, school of grunts : an ideal diving for the trainings.

La Cueva Del Tiburon

Depth:  20 m.
Distinctive features: Caves, spotfin burrfish, ray, trumpet fishes

Pretty cave in which the diver generally meets a large spotfin burrfish and a large black ray. Sometimes a grouper finds also refuge in this area. There are many fish species and shrimps .The trumpet fish swarm in this area making the exploration very interesting.


Montaña Amarilla

Depth :  20 m.
Distinctive features : Geological site, caves, colors

The relief of the sea bed is here very rugged and surprising. The volcanic molten rock seems to have sculpted itself in multiple forms, tunnels, caves, piles of rocks, an even an old arch whose location is guessable. It is necessary to ferret about to find moray, perots fish , damselfish, ornate wrasses, etc.


Depth : 10 - 20 m
Distinctive features: sea hares

Very protected and low depth spot located on the rocky coast. There are some pretty surprises like an enormous mauve anemone in an hole, cuttlefish and why not an angelshark ... but at night, there is an incredible quantity of sea hares.

Punta Negra

Depth : 10 - 20 m
Distinctive features : Excellent site for first dive

This site is protected from the wind and close to the coast and the harbour. It is animated by a pretty fauna. The sea bed is not very deep so it allows an interesting exploration during first dives.

Los Champiñones

Depth :  25 - 33 m.
Distinctive features : Octopuses, rays, fangtooth morays

Descent to the anchor rope on a rocky plateau exploration of mushrooms like rocks. Often there are beautiful large black rays at about 30 m depth. You will see many kinds of fish, octopuses and black , brown, and even fangtooth morays.

Coral Negro

Depth : down to 50 meters

Exploration of the cliffs and caves with black coral and beautiful fauna. It is possible to finish the diving on Las Rosas, avoiding in that way the decompression steps.

El Meridien

Depht:  25 - 33 m
Distinctive features : Wreck

Beautiful wreck whose mast still points. The descent is amazing. The area is colonized by varied fauna, black jacks, Guinean amberjack, large zebra breams.

Las Catalufas

Depth:  25 - 33 m.
Distinctive features: glasseyes

Pretty site with many cracks and excavations which are very accessible and welcoming for the fish. The glasseyes swarm in the area. These large red mottled fish are splendid.

Cruz San Miguel

Depth :  25-50 meters
Distinctive features : barracudas, large groupers, arches

Descent along a cliff from 25 to 50 m depth, whose walls are covered of black coral. In the middle, a high arch where big groupers elected residence. There is often a school of barracudas at the top of the arch. At the base of the cliff, there is a massive rock where we find trumpet fish, morays , rays, zebra breams and many other species.

Cueva de Las Morenas

Depht : 30 meters
Distinctive features: caves, morays

We anchor above a rocky plateau 20m depth then dive up to the sand 33m depth. After a short pilgrimage to a statue of the Virgin Mary, there is an interesting exploration of the rocks (except a dangerous large cave with a cross right in front). After that, you can explore a cliff full of holes with all kinds of morays. Very impressive!

Cueva Ali Baba

Depth : 40 m
Distinctive features : Cave, fauna
Beautiful cave on the slop of a cliff: its walls are often covered with shrimps which shine under the lights of the torches.


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